I'm just a believer...
Cut like a blade...

I've got a feeling
感じるまま 駆け抜ける どこへ…
I've got a feeling

I don't wanna be a looser
Do you want me to be one?
I've got a feeling

I've got a feeling
隠れてても 見つけ出す すぐに
I've got a feeling
満月のように 照らす

Show me what you wanna do
I'll get you with my fangs
I've got a feeling

Wake up tonight カラカラの喉を癒す
Born to be alive めくるめく生命の泉
Wake up tonight 飲み干してやるのさ夜毎
Born to be alive そして道なき道を

Just a believer 孤独という 呼び名の炎
Sharp like a blade 闇に灯り やがて空へ
Just a believer 安らぎなど ただの眩暈
Sharp like a blade そして破壊の時を

I'm just a believer
Cut like a blade
愛の下に凍えてもいい 燃え尽きてもいい
聖なる響き そして最期の時を

Words: audio 2 audio, TAKAHIRO
Music: audio 2 audio
Instrument Technician: Akihiko Tomita
Recorded by Koni-young (KURID INTERNATIONAL) at HEART BEAT RECORDING STUDIO, avex studio
Mixed by Koni-young (KURID INTERNATIONAL) at avex studio